Antilles "Wedge" Thoch is a retired Viper Pilot famed for his skill as a combat pilot and his development of fighter tactics during the Cylon war. Though only fighting towards the end of the conflict he became one of the top aces of the Colonial Fleet and held the title of 'Ace of Aces' for two consecutive months.

After the War he helped set up the TOPGUN program to ensure Viper drivers would remain highly capable combat pilots without a war by which to blood them. After two decades in the Forces he resigned his commission to set-up home on Leonis but after "the war" begins he volunteers to fight. Despite his age he returns to the Fleet as a Viper pilot.

Key Facts:Edit

  • Wrote a tactical treatise on fighter combat and developed manoeuvres like the "Thoch Weave"
  • Retired a Commander but never commanded a Battlestar and is known to have turned down numerous promotions to stay with his elite Viper squadron.
  • Idolised by many Colonial Pilots as having "the right stuff"
  • Humble appearing though actually very sure of his skills, judgements. He is particularly short tempered with people who question his thinking or treat him like a 'celebrity'.
  • Prefers to be called by his first name

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