Werner Moelders is a German fighter pilot and ace of the Spanish Civil War, having served with the Condor Legion and was honoured for such while developing modern aerial combat tactics for fighter pilots with others so serving in Spain. A squadron commander who is rather religous (Catholic), upstanding and caring in a paternal sense; Moelder's Staffel is stationed on the German border with France.

Nicknamed "Vati", or Papa, his Squadron was put on alert during the arrival of Colonial ships over Earth and he tangled with a flight of Vipers. During a few 'awkward' intercepts with Colonial fighters he was able to develop an opinion of the newcomers and issue a few directives to his pilots that allowed them to fly 'with' the better performing Vipers and earn the early grudging respect of Colonial pilots for their Luftwaffe opposite numbers.


"It was a flight of funny looking planes coming at us. Not French certainly and we had been warned it was connected to those strange reports of appearing airships. We were very cautious and disciplined approaching which was just as well because these planes performed far beyond what I thought they ought to be capable of- something to cause alarm in the heart of any opposing pilot. A game of who would intimidate who followed. I learned instantly not to climb with it and later to be careful turning with it; but I could dive and get away from this plane and our pilots flew as ordered such that our movement countered theirs and they couldn't establish too clear an advantage. We didn't goad them into a fight but you could tell they were itching to pull the trigger just like us!"

- Encounter report with Colonial Vipers

"Tactics become very important when encountering these fighters as they have far better performance than us and their pilots appear just as professional as ours. The Schwarm leader must be vigilant and keep the formation together because as they get behind us so can we get a pair behind them. A Kette up against these fighters does not give the pilot any scope for movement that is vital in drawing them after you and slipping behind."

- Discussing Vipers against Messerschmitts.


Moelders flies a Bf 109 Emil with a sky blue underside and effective dark green, brown camouflage. As part of the JG 53, his plane sports the 'Pik As' on the engine cowling.

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