Zoe Olivia Toreson Graystone
Zoe Graystone - D
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Zoe

Z (Family Nickname)

Birthplace: New Caprica City, New Caprica Colony
Homeworld: Mars
Species: Human (Colonial)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: May 29, 2011
Date of Death: December 9, 2031
Height: 5 ft, 5 in.
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Posting: Unknown
Position: Unknown
Rank: None
Mother: Amanda Graystone
Father: Daniel Graystone
Brother(s): Nathaniel Graystone
Sister(s): Penelope Graystone
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown
Maternal Grandfather: Unknown
Paternal Grandmother: Unknown
Paternal Grandfather: Unknown
Spouse(s): None
Children: None
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Unknown
Particle Beam Weapons: ARS 77 Beam Rifle (STO Standard)
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Demo Plasma Rifle
Energy Manipulation: Unknown
Cybernetic Systems: Unknown
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Unknown
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Fall and ReUnification of the 13 Colonies
Affiliations: Monad Church

United Empire of the 13 Colonies

Allies: Alicia Rookwood

Jane Morland

Enemies: Colonial Empire (during its corruption)
  • Guardians of the 12 Lords of Kolbol
  • 3rd Cylon Fleet

Zoe Graystone - A

For alternate people, see Zoe Graystone (disambiguation).
"My God after that speech, I think I'd follow her straight to the bowels Hell and back."
"Well then thank god shes only asking us to go church." - 2 IWS Phoenix crewmembers after hearing one of several inspiring speeches to younger STO recruits.

Zoe Olivia Toreson Graystone is one of the most fundamentally important religious historical figures in the near entirety of Imperial Colonial and Cylon history. Zoe's achievements in cybernetics, holographics, and base religious philosophy had helped shape what modern unified and free Colonial society is today.

Zoe is one of the founding members of the Monad Church along side remarkable women such as Jane Morland, Zoe led colonial and earth based humanity out of the dark ages of colonial imposed paganism and into a more enlightened and inclusive societal golden age.

Many Imperial historians (both human and Cylon) agree that to go even further if Zoe Graystone had never been born people like her and Donal Mortinson society as a general whole may not even exist.

Biography Edit

Zoe was born into one of the most powerful families in the 13 colonies post 1st and 2nd Earth/Cylon wars. The Graystone family were the Colonies most productive multi-corporation force creating nearly everything from food generators to military products including the first series of totally human created Cylon defense units

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